Zygotherapy - Living Stronger, Longer™

What is Zygotherapy?
Treatment for Back Pain

Zygotherapy uses 2 different types of FDA cleared machines to cause muscle contractions. This therapy helps to:

Stimulate and build muscles for old and weak patients

Melt body fat quickly and permanently

Reduce chronic back pain

Candidate Patient Types for Zygotherapy

Zygotherapy is well-suited for 4 different types of patients:

Anyone with weak muscles that need conditioning

Anyone wanting to build muscles to look good

Post-stroke patients needing therapy to regain strength

Anyone with chronic low back and neck pains

Many elderly patients become frail and weak all over to the point where they require walkers or wheelchairs to ambulate. Physical therapy and chiropractic treatments have all failed. We can rebuild their muscles within 6-8 weeks and get them up to 50% to where they were. This treatment protocol has been clinically tested and has a 100% success rate.

Learn about how Zygotherapy can help each of the conditions below:

Why Zygotherapy for Back Pain Treatment?

Patient-Centred Approach

Quality Medicine Service

Affordable and Accessible

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