Build Muscles
Manage Pain
Improve Strength
& Mobility


Zygotherapy for Stroke


Imagine someone you know who recently suffered a stroke and parts of the body are weak to the point where that person is no longer able to care for themselves. Activities of daily living suddenly become almost impossible to perform.

Many months of rehab and therapy has resulted in only a modest improvement and the patient is still fairly dependent on caretakers daily for all needs.

Reality sets in and that person becomes depressed and wants to give up hope of living due to poor quality of living going forward. 

Now imagine that after 6 to 8 weeks of treatment, that dysfunctional part of the body affected suddenly becomes strong again giving back mobility and up to 50% of function where conventional therapy had failed.

Treatment consists of weekly 45 minute sessions where our clinically proven technique helps to build strong muscles in a rapid amount of time compared to normal exercise. 

This treatment regimen is guaranteed to work and full money back if there appears to be no results after the recommended treatment timeline. Once sufficient improvement occurs, each patient is advised to continue monthly treatments to stay healthy.