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Zygotherapy for Debilitating Weakness

Debilitating Weakness

Imagine there is an elderly family member at home who is gradually getting weaker with each passing month.  Doctors have tried physical therapy but results really depend on the individual patient effort.

Only about 10% of patients significantly improve with therapy due to lack of will power upon the patient. The person initially needs a walking cane, which then progresses to a walker, and eventually ends up in a wheel chair.

Once this happens, it takes a lot of effort from family members to care for them and costing thousands of dollars monthly to hire caretakers.

Now imagine that after 6 to 8 weeks of our unique and one-of-a-kind treatment regimen your family member has regained up to 50% of the strength and function that they had previously 1 year earlier before things went downhill.

The treatment consists of 45 minute sessions, once per week, where we build muscle mass on the body parts we think are needed without that patient needing to exercise hardly at all.  With increased muscle mass comes increased muscle strength thus given back mobility and better quality of life.

Once a steady state of function is achieved, patients should continue monthly treatments to maintain performance. Our special program is guaranteed to work or your money back.